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Aerobic: energy metabolism of substrates with consumption of oxygen.

Anaerobic: energy metabolism of substrates without consumption of oxygen.

Fitness: Can be used as a general expression for the overall physical condition of the body. Sometimes fitness is also used as a reference to maximal oxygen uptake in millilitres pr. minute related to the bodyweight in kilograms (ml/kg/min). This is also called relative VO2max.

Heart rate reserve: Describes the interval between resting heart rate and maximal heart rate. This interval is often used as the basis for calculating exercise intensity. Resting heart rate being 0 % intensity and maximal heart rate being 100 % intensity.

BIA Bioelectrical impedance analysis

BMI Body mass index

BMR Basal metabolic rate

BP Blood pressure

Lean body mass: Total body weight minus the weight of all the fat in the body. Can be calculated as: total bodyweight x (100% - fat%).

Maximal heart rate: Indicates the individual maximal attainable heart rate. Maximal heart rate drops with age and an educated guess can be based on the formula 220 - age. There is however a large individual variation and 5 % of a population will deviate more than 20 beats per minute from this estimate. 

METS: One MET represents an energy expenditure equivalent to resting energy expenditure. The standard value for 1 MET is 3.5 ml O2 pr. kg body weight. 

PAL Physical activity level

RDA Recommended dietary allowance

Relative VO2max:  The maximal oxygen uptake in millilitres pr. minute related to the bodyweight in kilograms (ml/kg/min). On this site this is also referred to as fitness.

Rep Repetition

RER Respiratory exchange ratio

RM: Repetition maximum. The heaviest weight that can be lifted a specified number of times. 1 RM is the heaviest weight that can be lifted one time in good form. 6 RM is the heaviest weight that can be lifted 6 times.

RMR Resting metabolic rate

ROM Range of motion

RPE Rating of perceived exertion

VO2max: The maximal oxygen uptake measured in litres pr. minute.



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